Utilizing 20+ years of experience in the performing arts as a vocalist, musician, and actor, Abby has created a unique and insightful approach to the art of voice lessons. By merging principles/exercises of classical vocal and performance technique with the philosophy, breath, and focus of yoga, Abby has founded a fully-integrated and groundbreaking methodology.  

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Increase vocal range and stamina

Build confidence and life skills

Learn proper breath control

Learn how to properly warm-up the voice

Create awareness of body, mind, and emotions 

Understand and enhance pitch/tonality

Become a well integrated and compelling performer



"Abby is a clear, supportive, and inspiring teacher -- she knows what she is talking about and is adept at creatively explaining it to her students. Her instruction of awareness of the breath and grounding of the body has made me much more conscious of the tools I'm working with and has made it possible for this beginning singer to sing out, Louise!!"

- Olga K. 


"I can't say enough about Abby. Not only is she wonderful at teaching pure technique, but she starts off every lesson with some guided meditation, which relaxes you and makes you feel safe and comfortable both with her, and with yourself. 

Since studying with her, my range has improved vastly, my belt has grown and become so easy that it doesn't even feel like I'm belting (I was pushing like crazy before I started with Abby), and I now have a legit range, which I honestly thought I didn't even possess. 

And if all of this isn't enough, she's an incredibly nurturing and caring teacher: she always checks in, is supportive of whatever you're doing, and she's great at helping you find material. Also, she's a working professional herself, which is incredibly encouraging as a student (I've been to her shows, and she practices what she preaches). 

I can't recommend her highly enough."

- Noelia A. 


"There aren't enough stars in the rating. Abby is an absolute angel. I leave her lessons high off her energy. She has shown me that I am capable of much more than I thought. This Voice Guru has helped me tap into my power and expand my voice. Get this woman in your life ASAP."

- Caitlin B.